10 Beauty Gift Ideas For Father’s Day

man scrub

Dad’s love beauty too!

Last minute Shopping? Father’s day is here again and a lot of you are in a bind, trying to select the perfect gift for that special man in your life.(men say they are simple but we all know that’s a lie) Doesn’t it seem that every year buying a Father’s Day gift gets harder and harder? Especially in St. Lucia where options are very limited.

Because of this I went out and selected a list of top 10 beauty items men would love to have but will not ask for and where to find them in St. Lucia.  I hope it helps and you select the most awesome Fathers Day gift. And the best part is they are all affordable!

face basket

Idea on how to put facial basket together.

  1. Goody basket of facial products.

Not many people think of putting a gift basket together of facial products. Men these days are very much concerned about their appearance and are aware of the importance caring for their skin with the beauty products. I have met too many females who complain that their husbands or significant others use their “expensive” facial products. So why not just buy the men their own? You can show your love by personally picking out facial products that can  benefit dad. Great brands to choose from are Neutrogena, Axe and Garnier. Make sure you include products to treat razor bumps like Neutrogena After Shave Lotion and Bump Stopper.

body basket

Body Basket Idea!

2. Gift basket of body products.

Men love love love body washes especially when it comes from a manly man line like Gillette, Axe,Suave Mens or Old Spice. Put it in a gift basket along with a poof or micro fiber bath rag, moisturizer and deodorant from the same or similar line and even a body spray or perfumes and he will surely appreciate a gift that will make him feel great especially after a long hard day.


3. Spa treatment, mani, pedi, facial, massage; the list goes on.

Who said the spa was only for ladies. These days, spas offer treatments and packages specifically targeted to men and their specific needs. They offer a range of treatments from manicure, pedicure and facials to massages, facials and even waxing! Get a gift certificates from a spa that has treatments for men. Stella’s spa even offers a Mobile Spa for the elderly where they come to Grandpa and tame his unruly toes and fingers. Check out her affordable specials for Father’s Day. I can personally attest to her professionalism and excelent treatments that will leave dad walking on air until the his next appointment. Check out her Facebook page:


Simple wooden packaging makes great organistion tool.

4. Gift-sets

Right now many stores, pharmacies and supermarkets are bringing in a wide range of gift-sets for men. This is perfect for a friend, co-worker or somebody you may not know that well. It takes a lot of the stress out of picking personal products that the person may use. They normally look good and smell great. I would suggest one with packaging that can be recycled for storage or organisation. This one caught my eye at M & C Drugstore in Rodney Bay. If you cannot get the exact one there is much more to choose from.


Every specification is important.

5. Electric Shavers.

Pay close attention, this is the best advice you will ever get. Take this from my experience in returns and regifting. An electric shaver is one of the best gifts to ever get a man, but ask him EXACTLY what brand, type, specifications and maybe even color they would prefer. Men have return shavers for simple reasons like, “it’s not cordless” or “this is for heads but not bears” or “it does not have the attatchment to mark” and the worst one “I already ordered the one I wanted” One of the most popular return items for men are electric shavers and your may never even know that he did it. M& C Drugstore and Courts may be the best places to buy these.

myl loy

Mylton Lloyd will fit almost any budget and scent.

6. Perfumes and Body Sprays

These are very simple and straight forward. Best to know the type of scents he likes and you can pair the two to make a sweet simple gifts. You can get from lower end but great quality in Color Me perfumes or Mylton Loyd perfumes like 411, Top Gun and Heaven for men all under $30. or high end perfumes like the classics, Perry Ellis, Swiss Army and Ferrari wich are more expensive but worth it if dad has expensive tastes. If you are looking for a body spray, choose BOD for Men. Best body spry for men hands down and they love it.


Cool Nose and Ear trimming Guys!

7. Nose and Ear Timmer. 

These little cool guys stopped me in my tracks and when I found out what they were I had a great laugh. I do not know why it is so hard to find a good nose and ear trimmer in St. Lucia. Especially when it is something men are always looking for. So if you see one of these grab it! he will appreaciate this small token everytime he uses it. Plus the guys are just too cute.


To make your order Contact: https://www.facebook.com/chocolatedreams.01

8. Fruit or Chocolate Basket.

We all know that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach So why not get him a lovely fruit basket with a bottle of red wine or even better chocolate basket. Apart from tasting good and looking good there are mountains of health and beauty benefits assciated with drinking red wine and eating chocolate. High in anti-oxidants and and vitmains and also releasing key endorphines. And they say you can’t buy happiness? Here is a  local supplier I have tried and tested. Their products are absolutely delicious and they look good too.


Contact : https://www.facebook.com/CocktailsandContacts

9. Father’s Day Luncheon

This is not really a beauty product, but quality time with dad is priceless. Show him love by taking him to a father’s day brunch. The will be many breakfasts, brunches, luncheons and dinners. Here is an event organised by Cocktails and Contacts and features a menu and activities for the perect day with dad!

fathers day 2

End 17.06.16 midnight.

10. WIN A FREE LUNCHEON with SkinDeep

Save money and impress dad. By doing three simple things you can get a chance to win.

#1- Like my page on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/skindeep758

#2- Share my page

#3 – Follow my blog on wordpress http://www.skindeep758.wordpress.com

Hope this helps you out with you last minute shopping.


Finally, Happy Fathers Day to all the wonderful dedicated fathers and dads out there, who make it their duty to bring up thier children in love and discipline.

Companies that provide products mentioned:

Cocktails & Contacts

Stella’s Spa

Suenos de Chocolat

M & C Drugstore


Super J Pharmacy


Frank B Armstrong


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